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5 Tips on How to Handle No Response to Email Follow Up

by Better Faster Solutions on 9/28/17 9:37 AM

All of us have been here before; sent an email regarding next steps, excited to hear back, and the dreaded no response.  What now? 

There are ways to increase response rates effectively, which can be easily implemented. In this blog post, we will share tips to help deal with a no response to email follow up.  We will also provide tips to send an email to prevent the no response in the first place.


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5 Tips for Recruiting the Right Staff

by Better Faster Solutions on 9/27/17 12:35 PM

Every recruiter wants to find and hire the best candidates possible but does every corporation know how to find the right staff? A key to achieving recruiting success is to hire quality employees that meet your company’s needs and culture. However, searching for and hiring the perfect candidate to fill a role in your company is not an easy task. The right candidate can make or break any company, department, or team, as they are the foundation upon which a company’s productivity and profitability lies.  

Is the person you are interviewing right for this job? It’s difficult to predict all the qualifications and attributes you’re going to need 1 to 2 years ahead. It sometimes only takes one or two wrong hires to derail the team or project.  

Candidates that have a good looking resume do not always guarantee the right fit.  Conversely, a person who doesn’t shine during the interview might prove to be a better hire.  Recruiting candidates goes beyond technical skills or the perfect resume.  Other factors that must be considered for a successful hire include onboarding, which sets the new employee up for a smooth transition into their new workplace.   


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